First Visits/Teens

Essex County OB/GYN is adept at caring for patients of all ages, including teenagers who are new to gynecological visits. Our practice doctors are especially skilled at explaining the physical changes teens undergo as they mature as well as why examinations (and what exactly happens during an exam) are important for a developing young woman. A young woman’s first gynecological visit is recommended upon experiencing her first menstrual period. In addition, if a teenager has not received her period by the age of 15, it is recommended that she schedule an examination at that time. Essex County OB/GYN physicians and midwives are also equipped to discuss as comfortably as possible the need for birth control, and various options, upon sexual activity. Moreover, our staff understands the importance of addressing the dangers of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and recommendations to prevent STDs such as abstinence, vaccination, mutual monogamy, the use of condoms, etc.

21 Reasons to see a gynecologist before you turn 21

Information for Teens (Ages 12+)

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